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dyke haircuts and silver pimples

Hi. I will be taking a quick poll with you today. Among the following question/questions please answer by commenting yes or no with the appropriate question number in front of your answer. Feel free to leave other comments as well. Thank you.

1. How many people have once thought drinking and getting drunk was stupid but after trying it have now changed their opinion in some way?

2. Do you believe those who have never gotten drunk before have a right to insist that drinking is pointless and rather stupid?

3. And for our alchoholics out there, is drinking pointless and no fun?
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1- definetly me. i swear jesus was really in me.
2- no, dont knock it till you try it.
3- drinking makes everything fun.
1. very many
2. dont bash it till you try it. except for things like, you know, cocaine
3. assuming that 'alcoholic' means a 'drinker', then that applies to me.... and its bitchin!
they can eat this
and hell no

I never thought that
You learn from experience
Drinking is my entire gotta start drinkin!
1. a lot of people.
2. yes, b/c you learn from your experiences.
3. not if your an alcholic.

-sorry mike-
yo john- it's rob. got a new lj name. add this.
hey i'm megan and i'd love to bang seem really awesome i found you in a clapton search thing
and a hendrix one.

add me?

(1--most people
2--nah, don't do it if you don't want it, but don't bring people down for something you've never tried
3--i'm not really an alcoholic so correct me if i'm wrong but don't alcoholics enjoy drinking?)