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hey whats that, oh thats just my wallet

yea, im stressed man. very much so. my mom had the meeting with all my teachers and stuff today and it was alright but i got "the talk" on the way home. yea, i know eveyrone knows what "the talk" is. it sucked. life is not treatin me well lately. ive got no job. ive got no money. ive got no encouragement or desire to do anything. im a lazy kid. the only thing i do have is stress and a $130 phone bill that came in the mail yesterday. this is horrible. then eysterday out of complete stress and depression i went on bought a $30 concert ticket and a $4 bag of candy. i hate times like this. the whole newspaper thing is getting annoying too. its not what i expected. i dont think i wanna be sports editor anymore. i still wanna write and be in that class but i dont want that much responsibilty as a sports editor just because the thought of people depending on me makes me sick. i need to get my little ad shit too. i need to sell one of my guitars and sell my moped thing to get money.
im still continuing to look for a job but im not having much luck lately. i know im kinda being picky but at the sametime if i were to go back to winn dixie i htink id kill myself.
and here sits a perfect example of laziness; i have to do a 2 page report for english, another paragraph assignment for english, and some math homework and im sitting here updating my damn journal and sharing my thoughts with a computer.
i love writing just not about somehting im not interested in. i think im gonna write a book on shit like this here. not that anyone would want to read about john hirschs retarded, stressful, and depressing times but its easier for me to write about. yea. this is really dumb.
im goin to see brand new, dashboard, mxpx, vendetta, and some remedy sessions or some bullshit. maybe ill kill myself during the dashboard performence. i wont be alone, im sure of it.
yea this is gettin lengthy so im gonna go and stop boring everyone to the point of self destruction. if anyone needs me i will be in my room for awhile doing homework or staring at a computer screen. call me up. im out. later.
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