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Schools a drag

yea, yesterday was the first day of school. it wasnt bad. i think ill be able to live. im definitly sports editor in newspaper and digital so yea. i dont really feel like updating right now so im out. late.
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i just wanna see the thing that says "1 bung"
gee thanks nik, good to know you really care.
Look who is commenting. Go Kaleen Go Kaleen.
Ohh sports editor, so cool.
Have a good day
Kaleen <3's you
whats up man its josh bro.. wow its been some time bro...
we gotta hang out man peirs are fun
WOW some people are so stupid. HEH wel not you john!! i love u!!! wow Big johny sports guy woop woop haha see ya later. and u are stupid...haha j.k (mimi voice)
<333 MiMi
bills gettin a job... so we have to hang out, light up and celebrate!
haha without doubt man. hey do you make that icon on photoshop bro?
yea- eyecandy and xenofex is all you need