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dyke haircuts and silver pimples [24 Oct 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hi. I will be taking a quick poll with you today. Among the following question/questions please answer by commenting yes or no with the appropriate question number in front of your answer. Feel free to leave other comments as well. Thank you.

1. How many people have once thought drinking and getting drunk was stupid but after trying it have now changed their opinion in some way?

2. Do you believe those who have never gotten drunk before have a right to insist that drinking is pointless and rather stupid?

3. And for our alchoholics out there, is drinking pointless and no fun?

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[13 Oct 2003|07:29am]
[ mood | pleased ]

johns hair is crazy today. this is again, not john. BUT i will inform you of all exciting that is going on in his life.

-John is still jobless.

-Mikey got a new car

-John and Nikki got in a tiff

-Its resolved

-Nikki,Lindsay,Sara and Dan are gonna be outta town. John, Rob and Anna are the only ones left. i dont know how thats gonna go.

-Anna Lee almost killed a frog. im gonna flip out.

- John is currently single. ( ladies, shout a hollllla )

- for the record- the bagels that johns brother gave me had a deodearant cap in the bag? im speechless.

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hi [09 Oct 2003|03:59pm]
hi my name is john and i am an asshole. also, i love the cock. i just love it!
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[08 Oct 2003|07:39am]
[ mood | angry ]

john is fed up with you, yes...you.

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lesson in lying [02 Oct 2003|07:32pm]
[ mood | un-fuckin-trusted ]

when lying, be sure not to emphasize that you aren't lying. it makes it worse when the truth is found out.

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hey you gUYSSSSSSSSSSSSs [30 Sep 2003|07:57am]
[ mood | calm ]

its nikki. greetings from newspaper. :) me john and anal here. ive decided to update johns journal becuase hes a lazy bastardhead. anyway.

john is not a depressed suicidal maniac because of his journal name. he is not "hardcore nuts". just clearing that up for john.

so lately john has been hanging out with me. going to albertsons and what not, using coinstar. he got $10.01 the other day. he was so excited cuz he had like $9.98 and then like 10 seconds later another coin dropped and he made the 10..
hm what else have we done?

oh yeah his parentals went outta town and we hung out there alot. his house is really f'in cold.

wedding singer has been on TV alot..so has Americas Sweethearts. on TBS. Grease was on last night :)

johns mom thinks we had a party becuase theyre was stuff on the floor.


okay well i think thats all thats been happening in the world of johnny boy.

i love john! -anna lee

bye you guys- everyone comment and encourage john to update this piece more often.

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and if we go down....we go down together [16 Sep 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | worried ]

yea, nothing too exciting has happened lately. the show was pretty good....

Brand New is great. i still dont think they put on the best show but they still did better than last time and i still like 'em. They did have an awesome entry though. they came out to this rap song. i think it was by eminem....if anyone knows what that song was tell me.

Mxpx put on an awesome show and they played some old stuff like "responsibility" and "punk rawk show."

Vendetta Red is awesome. they put on a good show. and their guitarist has an awesome tattoo on his arm of a diagram of a heart. yea, they are really good.

Dashboard gained about 20 points in my book after covering "teenage dirtbag" by Wheatus. i dont think they are bad at all. in fact i think they are really good but im just not really into them that much. so yea.

Anywho, i left school early with nikki and aina the day after the show. we were really tired. got some KFC and chilled at ainas for awhile. it was straight. and today was normal. after school i went to the mall. and yea. didnt really buy anything. but i will benefit off of something-to be mentioned in further journal. but besides all that eveyrhting is the same....still unemployed....still looking for a job.....so someone help me. im outta here. peace n love homies.



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and even if her plane crashes tonight she'll find someway to disappoint me [12 Sep 2003|04:48pm]
[ mood | blah ]

yea, i dont really feel like updating but i feel i need to or something liek that. im not in the best of moods. but im good. 9/11 was yesterday. it was sad memories. then me and my mom got in an argument but its all good now. then this morning i wake up to fighting off tears cause JOHNNY CASH DIED! i was pretty mad. im not even that big of a fan of his but he was liek the absolute opitimy of a cool ass old guy. yea and John Ritters died also. he was only freakin 54 man. thats nuts. but yea. anyways. i think me and nik are hangin out tonight. kaleen is goin to flanagan football to seel me out but its all good. ahah j slash k man. but yea, its all good. the show is sunday. im excited. ainas drivin so thats cool....sorry mimi. but not much left to say. ill update after the shizzow. peace n love homies.

R.I.P. = Johnny Cash and John Ritters (Threes Company Guy)

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hey whats that, oh thats just my wallet [08 Sep 2003|04:49pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

yea, im stressed man. very much so. my mom had the meeting with all my teachers and stuff today and it was alright but i got "the talk" on the way home. yea, i know eveyrone knows what "the talk" is. it sucked. life is not treatin me well lately. ive got no job. ive got no money. ive got no encouragement or desire to do anything. im a lazy kid. the only thing i do have is stress and a $130 phone bill that came in the mail yesterday. this is horrible. then eysterday out of complete stress and depression i went on bought a $30 concert ticket and a $4 bag of candy. i hate times like this. the whole newspaper thing is getting annoying too. its not what i expected. i dont think i wanna be sports editor anymore. i still wanna write and be in that class but i dont want that much responsibilty as a sports editor just because the thought of people depending on me makes me sick. i need to get my little ad shit too. i need to sell one of my guitars and sell my moped thing to get money.
im still continuing to look for a job but im not having much luck lately. i know im kinda being picky but at the sametime if i were to go back to winn dixie i htink id kill myself.
and here sits a perfect example of laziness; i have to do a 2 page report for english, another paragraph assignment for english, and some math homework and im sitting here updating my damn journal and sharing my thoughts with a computer.
i love writing just not about somehting im not interested in. i think im gonna write a book on shit like this here. not that anyone would want to read about john hirschs retarded, stressful, and depressing times but its easier for me to write about. yea. this is really dumb.
im goin to see brand new, dashboard, mxpx, vendetta, and some remedy sessions or some bullshit. maybe ill kill myself during the dashboard performence. i wont be alone, im sure of it.
yea this is gettin lengthy so im gonna go and stop boring everyone to the point of self destruction. if anyone needs me i will be in my room for awhile doing homework or staring at a computer screen. call me up. im out. later.

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Like a cow staring at an oncoming train [03 Sep 2003|07:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yea, today was straight. kaleen came over after school. we......chilled n stuff. then i had to take her home at like 6. then on the way home i went to power smoothie and got some free grubb from lindz and we talked for awhile about stuff. now im extremely tired. im just sitting here with blank stare playin guitar. yea, anxious for the weekend. got some stuff goin on. might have a guys night out friday cause the chicks are goin to delray or i might do something with kaleen. i dunno ill see. but yea im out for now. peace n love homies.

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im gonna go drown in a tear of my own sorrow [02 Sep 2003|04:04pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

yea, depression is fuckin gay. times like this is when i feel as if its not even worth living. instantanous and pointless depression. its fuckin horrible. i dont even know why i get upset. i make myself believe things that arent true and then later i realize how dumb it is. i cant help it though. i have no self control at all. nobody understands except for maybe 2 people. i hate this. i hate depression. i hate contemplating. bye.

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theres music playin though we dance to the beat of our own blood clots [31 Aug 2003|11:46pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

yea, tonight was cool. i hung out with kaleen and mimi alllll day. im kinda get sick of them, just kidding!! but yea they are great man. we went ot mimis hosue first and drew pictures on the sidewalks with chalk and went ot the playground....wow were gay. then me and kaleen left and went ot kaleens and then to my house and we chizzilled for a lil while. then we went and got free food at mimis church..haha...evil plan. then me and kaleen went and bonded at the rinks for awhile. it was awesome. shes such a cool person. then we went back to mimis and went through old yearbooks. me and mimi had some luaghs but kaleen i think kinda felt left out cause shes a flanaganian. haha. flanaganian. that was nuts. yea then i went home and im gonna get some grubb then probably crash in a few. gotta go to the g-mas and g-pas house tomorrow, but i will still go out so if anyone wants to chill then yea call me up. im out for now. peace n love homies.

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Happy Birthday Lindsay, shes 21!!!! [30 Aug 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | confused ]

yea, last night was lindsays b-day. it was fun. we went out to dinner at On The Border and sur asked if she could get some italian dressing for her salad. yea. after that i stopped by the house, picked up some alcohol then headed out to annas. we threw back some shots and had a couple beers there. it was fun. it was good times...just our little group...then later andy came and knocked over the chess table...haha....almost twice, and he was sober. lol. yea it was a good night. then i left in the morning and went home to hang over. then i hung out with mimi and kaleen all day. we basically did nothing. except we did go to the rinks and laid down in the middle with the lights off looking at the stars and sharing deep thoughts....ooo....sounds romantic kinda. but yea it was cool. then we went home and i was greeted by a pack of about 10 of my bros friends invading the house. damn. it was nuts......well im done. peace n love my fellow peers.

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Schools a drag [26 Aug 2003|04:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

yea, yesterday was the first day of school. it wasnt bad. i think ill be able to live. im definitly sports editor in newspaper and digital so yea. i dont really feel like updating right now so im out. late.

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Kaleen = Cool [16 Aug 2003|02:22pm]
[ mood | blank ]

yea, last night i went and saw freddy vs jason. it was scary i guess. kaleen was scurred and so was mimi. then i ate sprees. then they went home and i hung out with sur and rob for a bit and we went and drove to oblivian looking at big ass dream houses with guest houses and all that shiz. it was nuts. then i took them home and went to bed. yea. now im on the phone with kaleen. were talking about bands and toilets and whatnot. yea, shes super de-duper cool. well i think im goin to the mall today to get a new belt thats not so lethal. if anyone wants to come shout me a holla on the tele. but yea. im out like the fat kid in dodge ball. peace n love homies.

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Shiggiti shiggiti swaaaa [11 Aug 2003|10:42am]
[ mood | bored ]

yea, havent updated in awhile, so lets get started shall we....well first off the other day me, d-shot, della, emerson, and franz went to the charter pool and jumped the fence and went swimming at like 111 at night. we were jumpin off the diving boards and shit. it was mad fun. then some decided to go skinny dipping. yes it was all guys which is gay but let me tell you...swimming naked is the greatest. then we finally left around 12 or 12:30. Then the next night we tried again except this time we had some girls and about 10 more people. Well we got in and we swam? swimmed? swom? for a little while then emerson comes running down the side of the pool screamin about how theres cops coming. we all jump the fence in a hurry all soaking wet holding our clothes and shit and we run towards the cars which were parked in a field nearby. we jump in and just as were leaving the security lady is opening the gate to let the cops in. i back up onto the sidewalk tryin to leave as quickly as possible and i see the security guard tryin to write down my plate number. so i take off as fast as i can and hual ass before she can write it down. then we met up at d-shots after and we all left from there in awful disappointment. The next day me and nikki went to the mall. we got one more hermit crab. its a patriotic little fella. We have now stole more than 22 dollars in hermit crabs from the mall. We have a grand total of 5 hermit crabs. awesome. we need more. yea....last night i went and got in on the slumber party fun at kaleens house. It was kaleen, mimi, jaxi, brandi, emily, kenny and nackle. It was fun. Kaleen is so fuckin cute when she gets mad....haha. Sorry kaleen. We hung out for awhile then i left and i met up with joe at my house. After that i hit the hay and that was that. so yea. whoa. long entry. awesome. im out, late.

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Happy Birthday Sur [04 Aug 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]

yea, absolutly nothing exciting has happened recently. i am updating just for the sake of updating. well.....one thing happened....it was surs b-day yesterday. i was the first one to say happy birthday to her after we watched 2 movies in one night. whoa....were cool. yea. then i called her to meet up some where and she decided not to answer her phone many times. but hey whatever, its cool sur. still love you. im out. bye.

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Just for MiMi [28 Jul 2003|01:36am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

mimi, this entry is just for you. i know i didnt get to stop by for your little celebration and i feel bad but i wanted to wish you a happy b-day anyways and i hope you had a good time on your birthday. yea, so there. your very own entry in johns cool ass mofo of a journal. enjoy. im out.

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volumptious breasts and cobwebbed penises [28 Jul 2003|01:26am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

whoa, 2 entries in one day.....well not technically but yea. Had to update and fill everyone in on our little seminar we had tonight. it consisted of anal, mike, lindsay, nik, bobert and i. it started out by mike bein an ass as usual, then anna lee crying, then everyone arguing and complaining how bad other people are. But me being the genius that i am came up with an idea for everyone just to tell every body else how they feel about them straight up. yea it was funny. it was great. good times good times. but yea....so....yea thats it. kinda had to be there. peace.

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yea here that, its my mini violin [27 Jul 2003|05:54pm]
[ mood | sore ]

yea, my day as been stupid. i woke up at a reasonable time around 12:30 and i go downstairs and my mom tells me that there is a rotten strawberry inside of my car. a certain someone named vanessa decided that she would leave a present there. after that i came in a took a shower and once again was painfully reminded that i had a sun burn. Then i call mike around 3 and he was sleeping as usual, so i called him back about an hour later....he told me he was gonna take a shower.....but he decided to just sleep through and keep sleeping until about 5:30. yea thats mike for ya. lazy little cunt ass fuck butt. jeez. but yea, hes supposably gettin ready now and were gonna go hit up the thrift stores if they are open then we are goin to mimi's kienca.....keencay.....keenfuckinsay er whatever. yea so i gotta go get ready. wow this journal had no meaning. awesome. im out.

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