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and even if her plane crashes tonight she'll find someway to disappoint me

yea, i dont really feel like updating but i feel i need to or something liek that. im not in the best of moods. but im good. 9/11 was yesterday. it was sad memories. then me and my mom got in an argument but its all good now. then this morning i wake up to fighting off tears cause JOHNNY CASH DIED! i was pretty mad. im not even that big of a fan of his but he was liek the absolute opitimy of a cool ass old guy. yea and John Ritters died also. he was only freakin 54 man. thats nuts. but yea. anyways. i think me and nik are hangin out tonight. kaleen is goin to flanagan football to seel me out but its all good. ahah j slash k man. but yea, its all good. the show is sunday. im excited. ainas drivin so thats cool....sorry mimi. but not much left to say. ill update after the shizzow. peace n love homies.

R.I.P. = Johnny Cash and John Ritters (Threes Company Guy)
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