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theres music playin though we dance to the beat of our own blood clots

yea, tonight was cool. i hung out with kaleen and mimi alllll day. im kinda get sick of them, just kidding!! but yea they are great man. we went ot mimis hosue first and drew pictures on the sidewalks with chalk and went ot the were gay. then me and kaleen left and went ot kaleens and then to my house and we chizzilled for a lil while. then we went and got free food at mimis church..haha...evil plan. then me and kaleen went and bonded at the rinks for awhile. it was awesome. shes such a cool person. then we went back to mimis and went through old yearbooks. me and mimi had some luaghs but kaleen i think kinda felt left out cause shes a flanaganian. haha. flanaganian. that was nuts. yea then i went home and im gonna get some grubb then probably crash in a few. gotta go to the g-mas and g-pas house tomorrow, but i will still go out so if anyone wants to chill then yea call me up. im out for now. peace n love homies.
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