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Happy Birthday Lindsay, shes 21!!!!

yea, last night was lindsays b-day. it was fun. we went out to dinner at On The Border and sur asked if she could get some italian dressing for her salad. yea. after that i stopped by the house, picked up some alcohol then headed out to annas. we threw back some shots and had a couple beers there. it was fun. it was good times...just our little group...then later andy came and knocked over the chess table...haha....almost twice, and he was sober. lol. yea it was a good night. then i left in the morning and went home to hang over. then i hung out with mimi and kaleen all day. we basically did nothing. except we did go to the rinks and laid down in the middle with the lights off looking at the stars and sharing deep romantic kinda. but yea it was cool. then we went home and i was greeted by a pack of about 10 of my bros friends invading the house. damn. it was nuts......well im done. peace n love my fellow peers.
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