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Shiggiti shiggiti swaaaa

yea, havent updated in awhile, so lets get started shall we....well first off the other day me, d-shot, della, emerson, and franz went to the charter pool and jumped the fence and went swimming at like 111 at night. we were jumpin off the diving boards and shit. it was mad fun. then some decided to go skinny dipping. yes it was all guys which is gay but let me tell you...swimming naked is the greatest. then we finally left around 12 or 12:30. Then the next night we tried again except this time we had some girls and about 10 more people. Well we got in and we swam? swimmed? swom? for a little while then emerson comes running down the side of the pool screamin about how theres cops coming. we all jump the fence in a hurry all soaking wet holding our clothes and shit and we run towards the cars which were parked in a field nearby. we jump in and just as were leaving the security lady is opening the gate to let the cops in. i back up onto the sidewalk tryin to leave as quickly as possible and i see the security guard tryin to write down my plate number. so i take off as fast as i can and hual ass before she can write it down. then we met up at d-shots after and we all left from there in awful disappointment. The next day me and nikki went to the mall. we got one more hermit crab. its a patriotic little fella. We have now stole more than 22 dollars in hermit crabs from the mall. We have a grand total of 5 hermit crabs. awesome. we need more. yea....last night i went and got in on the slumber party fun at kaleens house. It was kaleen, mimi, jaxi, brandi, emily, kenny and nackle. It was fun. Kaleen is so fuckin cute when she gets mad....haha. Sorry kaleen. We hung out for awhile then i left and i met up with joe at my house. After that i hit the hay and that was that. so yea. whoa. long entry. awesome. im out, late.
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