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yea here that, its my mini violin

yea, my day as been stupid. i woke up at a reasonable time around 12:30 and i go downstairs and my mom tells me that there is a rotten strawberry inside of my car. a certain someone named vanessa decided that she would leave a present there. after that i came in a took a shower and once again was painfully reminded that i had a sun burn. Then i call mike around 3 and he was sleeping as usual, so i called him back about an hour later....he told me he was gonna take a shower.....but he decided to just sleep through and keep sleeping until about 5:30. yea thats mike for ya. lazy little cunt ass fuck butt. jeez. but yea, hes supposably gettin ready now and were gonna go hit up the thrift stores if they are open then we are goin to mimi's kienca.....keencay.....keenfuckinsay er whatever. yea so i gotta go get ready. wow this journal had no meaning. awesome. im out.
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